Case study: Electronics


The Client

The client is a department store with most of its revenue coming from electronics and home appliances.

They provide the best competitive prices, quality and novelty in their business area.

They are established in Brazil and aim to expand their business and try new technologies to grow their revenue.
With that in mind, they opted to try e-commerce and go even further.


The client’s objective was to increase the incoming revenue, by growing the conversion rate in their e-commerce, in order to expand their business and grow to other cities.


As new users usually do not buy products on their first visit, our algorithm should:

  • be personalized to get their attention
  • approach them with desirable products they have seen on the website
  • finally, try to turn them into potential returning customers


  • ROI always above the goal
  • Greater growth of incoming revenue than other partners
  • Partnership with constant growth given the delivered results


RT solution targets all users who have visited the site within the last month.

  • Users who had not seen any products would see most-selling product from categories they have visited
  • Buyers would see add-on products related to the purchase
  • The strategy was supported by an overall strict frequency to not hurt the brand by spamming the users