Case study: Fashion


The Client

The client is a leading clothing and accessories company in the APAC region, measured on monthly traffic.

They provide fast affordable fashion for women, men and teenagers.

The client is ambitious about revolutionizing the fashion scene in the APAC region, underlined by the fact that they offer over 30,000 products online, introducing hundreds of new products every week.


The objective for the client was to increase the conversion rate and basket value from their e-commerce brand stores in the Asian market. Finally to keep an overall cost at a maximum of 10% of the basket value.


98% of all the traffic left the site without purchasing the desired product.

  • Only target non-purchasing users
  • Increase the average basket value by 15% per sale


  • Overall conversion rate of 6.5%, more than 211% compared to similar partners
  • Cost of sales decreased by 7.4%
  • Basket value increased by 26,2%, more than 58% compared to other partners


RT solution targets all users who have visited the site within the last month.

  • Users who have not seen any products would see most-selling product from categories they have visited
  • Buyers would see add-on products related to the purchase
  • The strategy was supported by an overall strict frequency to not hurt the brand by spamming the users